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Giancarlo (a.k.a. Dj Carlo) is best known for creating head-nodding beats with saw-tooth Latin hip – hop funk electro bass lines and a keen eye to forward-thinking production. Truly a music connoisseur Giancarlo spends everyday all day listening and training his ear to find the ever ending fountain of mind and soul melting music. Trying to open peoples minds to the world outside the top 40 and lead them into the new age of music. Finding classical samples and incorporating with the heavy distortion glitched out beats of today in some sort of twisted matrimony of sounds is his ultimate goal as a producer. As a dj his aim is to take his listeners through a musical journey. Starting the night out with some smooth jazzy latin hip-hop beats to get them warmed up and the eventually working them into some down-tempo dub steppin’ glitched out bass rattling beats and eventually building them up to the fast paste mind boggling electro disco distorted funk.

- Carlo